Rental LED Display Board - EL Series

High Definition Rental LED Display

● Modular inter-panel locks ensure quick installation

● Spring plunger positioning, seamless panel matching

● Light weight panel, one person could handle the installation

● Sturdy clamps with unique angle make it more easy to achieve concave and convex installations

LED Curtain Screen - ES Series

Flexible LED Curtain Screen

● Up to 45% transparency enables the screen integeated with stage light, fog etc to achieve fantastic visual effect

● ± 15° radian to form round and curve etc stage background

● With IP65 rating and 5000 nit brightness, ES series satisfies the overall indoor and outdoor applications

LED Dance Floor - NX Series

Waterproof LED Dance Floor

● Maximum 1200kg load-bearing for each square meter

● High rigid module cover, great wear resistance function

● Height adjustable base, installation can be done easily

● Real-time user experience gained via infrared sensors

● Fluid response enables it can be as creative as you want